Smart Book Marketing Helps Your Career As An Author

Book marketing is a lot harder than it looks. The other day, I was sitting in Barnes and Noble coffee shop sipping on a Venti Frappachino and there was a gentleman there editing a rather large manuscript. I inquired about his endeavors and he told me after 10-years he’d finally sat down and written a psychology book about the mass media and our perceptions in society. As he explained his concept and premise, I could see it was an intriguing concept, and that I might someday pay to read such a book. Okay so, let’s talk because writing the book as hard as that is – really is the easy part.We got into a discussion about publishing, e-books and book marketing. He said he wasn’t the least bit worried about marketing, but was concerned about finding a decent publisher, he didn’t want to produce an e-book, he wanted to be an author of a physical book, the old fashioned way; he wanted to earn it. Okay fine, but I was taken aback by his ascertain that he had all the marketing figured out. Why you ask? Well because no one I’ve ever met has ever told me that marketing a book was easy.Unless you are a famous person, and willing to go on a book tour or are a past president and can get onto CSPAN Book TV with a mere phone call, I’d say marketing a book these days is a tough row to hoe. He told me that he had radio stations that would interview him and that was already lined up. I didn’t have the heart to burst his bubble but, talk radio as good as it can be – well, that’s still a tough way to sell books. Books on tape maybe, but physical books not so much.Now then, there was a great article posted on Springwise on July 17, 2013 titled; “Buy a physical book, get the e-book for free – BitLit offers consumers companion digital versions of the physical books they’ve already bought,” which is a completely intriguing thought isn’t it? Yes, it is and Good marketing ideas here, also once you have the email address you can email advanced chapters of future books. It seems to me that physical books and e-books and even books on tap, DVD could go a long way to helping each other if the authors and book marketers are willing to mix-and-mingle the venues more often.If you sell someone a physical book, and they give away their e-book download code to a friend, then that could help word of mouth, and although you didn’t sell a second hardcopy, you did win a new friend and influence a new soul. Please consider all this and think on it.

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7 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

One of the fundamental components for learning is through reading. Whether a person is an avid reader or not, at some point during the day people will read something, whether it’s an article, in a magazine or a newspaper, on the Internet or a greeting card. When it comes to the conversation of reading a book however, faces cringe from the mere mention of the subject. Many who may not read frequently tend to think that reading is an arduous task, but it is not.To commemorate National Book Lover’s Day, which is typically observed on August 9, here are some ways to celebrate this literary occasion.1. If you are not an avid reader, start with something that’s small then move on to something bigger. Often booklets on various topics of interest, will be a great beginning for novice readers.2. Begin a small home library with a book or two. You do not have to invest hundreds of dollars in starting a library. It can simply begin with buying books from flea markets, bookstores that sell new, used and traded books, libraries having book sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army, dollar stores or yard sales.3. Go on a pilgrimage to historical sites where one of your area’s notable authors lived. Even if the writer was not famous, perhaps you can visit one of their favorite spots and read one of their books there.4. Computer tablets, e-readers and audio books are other options for getting in some good reads, not only on National Book Lovers Day, but every day.5. Give a book as a gift to someone and encourage them to use it as a tool to relax, identify and comprehend new words and then share it with someone else.6. Collect donated books, tie a colorful ribbon around them and pass them out as a gift to long-term patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes or senior centers.7. Have a book lover’s party and invite guests to talk about their favorite books. If you have a favorite book or one of your own published books, serve some light refreshments and pass out homemade favors celebrating the book to your guests. Engage in dialogue about the book with others at your gathering.Reading has an uncanny way of exposing the reader to understanding different genres, exploring various demographics around the world, diversified cultures, different writing styles from authors and inspirational publications. Reading has the ability to connect us with the content that could help us see a different perspective of views, situations and discover more about who we are. National Book Lovers Day is an ideal day to relax with a good book. Find a tranquil area, pack a picnic lunch and get lost in a good book.